Chapter 286
Eleceed synopsis: Kaiden is an enigmatic individual with an extraordinary ability, choosing to conceal his identity within the form of a street cat. Following a confrontation with another ability user that leaves him wounded, he crosses paths with Jiwoo, who takes him in. Kaiden's demeanor is characterized by an unwavering stubbornness and a commanding presence. Jiwoo, on the other hand, is a high-spirited and chatterbox high school student with a deep affection for felines. His compassion and kindness extend to both cats and people, and intriguingly, he appears to possess a unique ability of his own.
Chapter 21
Two children unexpectedly meet in the midst of war. After running away from the chaos, they come across a long empty road. With no adults to rely on, the two strangers, now become friends, walk alongside each other to see what's at the end of the road. All they hope is to keep being able to move forward. Just what kind of trials and tragedy awaits them during their journey for survival?
The Horizon
S04 - Chapter 94
Wind Breaker synopsis: Jay is the quintessential model student, boasting a flawless record of straight A grades and serving as the student body president. However, when he's pressured into joining his school's biking team, the Hummingbird Crew, Jay embarks on a journey that takes him far beyond the confines of his textbooks. As he delves into this new realm, what exciting adventures and challenges await him outside the comfort of his academic pursuits?
Wind Breaker
Chapter 130
Seasons of Blossom Synopsis: Ah, the intoxicating essence of youth and love. The freedom to be wild and unburdened. The springtime of life, marked by its intensity, tumultuous nature, and the occasional bewildering moments. Love, much like the changing seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—flourishes in every facet of existence.
Seasons of Blossom
Chapter 200
Solo Leveling synopsis: In a world where Hunters, individuals endowed with diverse magical abilities, wage relentless war against monstrous invaders threatening vulnerable humanity, Sung Jin-Woo stood as the weakest among them, struggling to eke out a meager existence. However, an enigmatic System bestows upon him the mantle of the 'Player,' propelling him onto a journey fraught with astonishing power and frequent peril. Join Sung Jin-Woo on his odyssey, as he undertakes an extraordinary adventure aimed at ascending to an unrivaled status through his unique "Level-Up" system, a singular ability in the entire world.
Solo Leveling
Chapter 126
Mi-ae is just a normal middle school girl trying to survive school. She likes reading comics, the pop group “The Fire Boys”, and karaoke. One day, a boy she used to know transfers to her school and begins to stir up trouble. No matter what she does, it seems he just doesn’t appreciate her efforts to get to know him. What’s up with that?
After School Lessons for Unripe Apples
Chapter 112
Return of the Blossoming Blade Synopsis Chun Ma, who has caused chaos and devastation, was vanquished by Chung Myung, the 13th disciple of the Great Flowery Mountain Sect, one of the three Great Swordsmen, and the Plum Blossom Sword Saint.
Return of the Blossoming Blade
Chapter 178
The Legend of the Northern Blade synopsis: When the world fell into darkness, a group of martial artists united to establish the "Northern Heavenly Sect." With the support of this sect, peace was gradually restored to the land. However, as time elapsed, some martial artists within the sect conspired against it, ultimately leading to the tragic demise of the Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, and the sect's downfall. As the sect's members scattered, the only remaining figure was Jin Kwan-Ho's son, Jin Mu-Won. Although Mu-Won had never received formal martial arts training, he discovered the secret techniques left behind by his father and embarked on a journey to master the martial arts of the Northern Heavenly Sect.
The Legend of the Northern Blade
Chapter 125
Who Made Me A Princess synopsis: In her unwavering resolve to defy her tragic destiny, infant Athanasia embarks on her new life with a clear strategy: evade the spotlight and amass treasures to finance her escape. However, when her carefully crafted plan takes an unexpected turn, she finds herself in a situation where she must use her charm to win the favor of her father, the captivating yet tyrannical emperor, to ensure her survival and prevent a repeat of her untimely demise.
Who Made Me A Princess
Chapter 120
The Greatest Estate Developer synopsis: Civil engineering student Suho Kim's life takes a fantastical turn when he drifts off while reading a fantasy novel, only to awaken as one of the book's characters! Now inhabiting the body of Lloyd Frontera, a laid-back noble with a penchant for revelry and a family drowning in debt, Suho faces a challenging predicament. Drawing on his engineering expertise, he sets out to invent groundbreaking contraptions that could change the course of his family's grim future. Assisted by an oversized hamster, a valiant knight, and a world where magic is a tangible force, Suho embarks on a quest to rescue his newfound family from financial ruin and construct a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.
The Greatest Estate Developer

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