Mystic Musketeer

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Released 2021

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Mystic Musketeer

Mystic Musketeer updated by ManhwaHot. Mystic Musketeer Synopsis "A series about a hyper-realistic fantasy game!""Sargent," Haha, you crazy fool. You fired off a full round of bullseyes once more?"Ha LeeHa, a sharpshooter, merely desired to serve in the army forever. But after a tragic accident left him paraplegic, he was forced to return to society. Middle Earth, the ground-breaking virtual reality game, gave him a new lease on life. Money earned in [Middle Earth] is valuable in the real world! But by choosing the least important character, he blew his opportunity!""I differ from the others. All I have is this.""Black gunpowder, iron balls, and ramrods... I'll show you all that a real 'musketeer' is!" . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot