Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

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Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

Bameur Geonneun Seonbi updated by ManhwaHot. Bameur Geonneun Seonbi summary: After the decline of her family, Yangsun finds herself living as a book seller, while hiding her real identity. One day, she visits Eumseokgol to deliver some books. She runs into a breathtakingly beautiful scholar, Sungyul Kim, who is actually a vampire in disguise! As much as they are drawn to each other, they can't be together because of the fact that one of them is human and the other, is a vampire! Could their love come to fruition? The mystery of the palace from the Chosun dynasty adds to the excitement. Enjoy this eerie and yet beautiful Chosun-era vampire story!Bameur Geonneun Seonbi / Scholar of the Night / Scholar Walking at Night / Scholar Who Walks the Night / Th Sinh Bng m / Vampire In The Darkness / , / / / / () . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot