Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister

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Updated 2 years ago

Released 2021

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Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister

Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister updated by ManhwaHot. Javotte Wincheston shoots a venomous glare at the men leering at Cinciarell in the ballroom. Yes, it's true that she didn't really care for her younger stepsister in the past. But ever since Cinciarell miraculously woke her up from a coma by body slamming her, Javotte has had a soft spot for her stepsister. Javotte is now determined to step up as House Wincheston's heir and become the true head of the household. With the help of her new, mysterious lover from the empire, she struggles to find ways to revive the dying family business. But her mother, who has always been so benevolent and caring, seems to have no intention of letting that happen. Will Javotte be able to restore the Wincheston name to its former glory and find out what sort of secrets her mother is hiding? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot