Dungeon Reset

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Updated 5 days ago

Released 2020

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Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset updated by ManhwaHot. Dungeon Reset synopsis: Daun's mundane existence takes an unexpected twist when he's summoned into the treacherous Dungeon, thrust into a deadly contest of survival against menacing creatures and life-threatening traps. The catch? He's a mere craftsman with no combat prowess to speak of. But when Dawoon miraculously survives a perilous trap due to a glitched reset, he acquires a set of randomly bestowed yet oddly helpful skills. With a bloodthirsty companion and an adorable ground squirrel by his side, he'll need to employ unconventional tactics to conquer the game and find his way back home. Now that he's no longer bound by the rules, what possibilities lie ahead in the labyrinthine depths below? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot