Elegy Of Roses

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Elegy Of Roses

Elegy Of Roses updated by ManhwaHot. Elegy Of Roses summary: Who knew that the life of an aristocrat would be full of such loneliness? Ruri wakes up one day as Albertina von Rozenburg, the oldest legitimate child of the Rozenburg family. This new life of hers is full of tetchy servants, unfamiliar rules, and distant family members. Ruri longs to go back to her familiar world, but there's no one here to guide her. With no one to trust, Ruri becomes wary of everyone, even the only person who seems to care about Albertina: Elma, a young servant girl who follows Albertina with a dogged devotion. When Ruri finds out that Albertina's only purpose is to get married off to an unpleasant, albeit very handsome, prince, she's had enough. She's going to find a way out of here, and if that means she doesn't act according to the traditions of this world, so be it.Through her dream, she has been led to another world. Lee Ruli, the person who has possessed the body of the kingdom's Tineke (a kind of white rose). She leaves the mansion in order to find a clue on how to her world. However, Elma, the girl who follows the Tineke, is often at the back of her mind. In a strange world with no one to trust… Will Ruli be able to go on a safe journey and get back home? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot