Emperor And The Female Knight

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Released 2019

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Emperor And The Female Knight

Emperor And The Female Knight updated by ManhwaHot. Emperor And The Female Knight Synopsis: Pauliana Kellenbell, a 20-year-old woman soldier and former petty officer, was defeated and taken prisoner in a fierce attack by the army of the Kingdom of Acrea, another enemy nation, following six years of meaningless fighting between her country, the Kingdom of Ehas, and their neighboring enemies, the Kingdom of Cukda. She had personally predicted this attack, but her superiors had disregarded it. She has been fighting valiantly to survive in men's society, but all of her efforts have been in useless because she is a woman in an all-male army of E, her family having taken away her noble birthright by sending her to battle. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot