Forbidden Odd Melody

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Forbidden Odd Melody

Forbidden Odd Melody updated by ManhwaHot. Forbidden Odd Melody summary: Read manhwa Forbidden Odd Melody / Geumsu Byeolgog / A Forbidden Song / Geumsu Byeolgok / The love story of the Tiger Dohwi and the Red Fox Sohwa a love that transcends tribes.Sohwa, a red fox, was born a lone mutant with white fur, setting her apart from her tribe, and leading her to live a lonely existence. One day, she encounters an abandoned wildcat, Dohwi, in the mountains and rescues him, beginning their life together."Dohwi! Since we are of different species, there's no need for attraction between us. You are gentle and kind; I think we can live together. What do you think?"However, the creature she believed to be a mere wildcat, Dohwi, was in fact a tiger reborn after a thousand years.Dohwi pretends not to be a tiger, fearing that Sohwa will abandon him if she learns his true identity, but Sohwa begins to suspect him"You are all I have, Sohwa. You know that."The precarious and mature cohabitation of the nave fox Sohwa and the cunning tiger Dohwi!! . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot