From Morning to Night

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Updated 2 years ago

Released 2020

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From Morning to Night

From Morning to Night updated by ManhwaHot. From Morning to Night Synopsis: Mane, age 12, and Nox, age 9, travel to the nearby town of Morning after the town of Night expels all of its residents to construct a temple dedicated to its goddess, Obscurity. When Nox disappears as if by magic, trouble is ahead for them, and Mane looks to Lumiere, the goddess of the morning, for assistance. After being granted the body of an adult man and told that he must defeat Obscurity in order to save his stolen brother, Mane embarks on a treacherous adventure. In a world where nothing is as it seems, will Mane be able to save his sibling? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot