Heal, Heal, Heal!

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Heal, Heal, Heal!

Heal, Heal, Heal! updated by ManhwaHot. Heal, Heal, Heal! summary: Heal, Heal, Heal! manga yaoi read for free on mangabuddy.ComAt a bar on the first day of school, Go Shinjae, a tall and handsome dance major student from a prominent family, hears drunk Baek Hanbin, a pale photography student with huge tacky glasses, confessing his love towards a person he met online in a game. The drunken love confession Go Shinjae would've normally laughed off, was a bit strange. For some reason, the person that drunk guy likes seems to be him. The next day, Go Shinjae decides to shrug it off but Baek Hanbin walks into the classroom of an elective Go Shinjae's taking. On top of that, Go Shinjae and Baek Hanbin end up becoming a group for the rest of the semester. What will happen to these two both offline and online? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot