Holding You Captive

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Holding You Captive

Holding You Captive updated by ManhwaHot. Holding You Captive summary: Read manhwa Holding You Captive / Make It Impossible For You to Escape / Freedom is all our heroine wants, but that isn't what she finds when she is summoned across worlds into the body of Lady Beatrice and is newly named "Regria." As a "divine being" who can purify the minds of "divine knights," Regria is expected to wed the Belligram Empire's Prince Rahich, who only sees her as a tool that will keep him from going insane. But when Beatrice's original soul finds Regria in a moment of danger, she tells her how she can be free: by untangling Rahich's twisted soul and making him kneel at her feet. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot