Idiot Abella

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Idiot Abella

Idiot Abella updated by ManhwaHot. Idiot Abella summary: Seo-Kyung Kang, a famous math instructor in Daechi-Dong, wakes up as an idiot from another world! Seo-Kyung was apparently hit by a truck and died. What's more, in three days, you have to marry the imperial 'monster' prince who is called a hunchback with a full body burn? Abella decides to take her part and run away. But what? The face and body of the prince, who was called a 'monster', is not good, but even wonderful... "I unintentionally ended up using you, but I have no regrets." The royal family. What will happen to Abella's marriage to an idiot (who has to pretend to be)! 'Where, let an idiot beat you up!' . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot