Knight Under Heart

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Knight Under Heart

Knight Under Heart updated by ManhwaHot. Knight Under Heart summary: Have you ever skipped studying to play video games? Unfortunately for high school senior Yushin Lee, the stakes are a little higher than flunking, as he finds himself trapped in a VR-based MMORPG. Yushin was selected to beta test the game, only to be forced to fight for his life in a seemingly endless loop. What was supposed to be a light distraction from the stress of high-school life becomes a desperate struggle for survival as Yushin battles his way through REAL Online, a dark fantasy world created by a mysterious tech company with uncertain motives.Lee Yooshin went to try out a new virtual reality game. However, it wasn't just a game. It has a 100% assimilation rate! A game world where everything feels eerily real- In the endless cycle of death and resurrection where logging out is not allowed, Yooshin prepares to fight. In order to escape the hellish battlefield from which there's no escape... . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot