Player From Today Onwards

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Updated 2 years ago

Released 2021

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Player From Today Onwards

Player From Today Onwards updated by ManhwaHot. Player From Today Onwards synopsis: In the aftermath of a gate opening, unleashing chaos with monsters, a group of sponsored hunters known as the 'twelve heroes' emerged to protect the world. These formidable individuals, later self-proclaimed as the 'twelve gods,' played a pivotal role in building Eden and reshaping the world. However, their newfound power led them to oppress normal people, treating them as livestock and establishing a stark hierarchy. In this unjust world where normal individuals are subjugated by hunters, a determined young man aspires to change the status quo. Despite his lack of innate talent, he trains tirelessly in the hope of attracting sponsors' attention. Unfortunately, his efforts go unnoticed in a world where sponsors favor only the most skilled hunters. The narrative unfolds as he grapples with the challenges of breaking through societal barriers and making a difference in this disadvantageous world. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot