Romance 101

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Romance 101

Romance 101 updated by ManhwaHot. Romance 101 Synopsis: The passage you've provided outlines the premise of a romantic storyline involving the protagonist, Jung Ba-Reum. She is portrayed as a highly organized and successful individual in various aspects of her life but struggles when it comes to dating. In an effort to find love, she joins her university's programming club to be closer to her crush, Jae-Hyun. However, her plans are complicated when she clashes with another senior, Yoo-Yeon. The setup suggests a romantic comedy or drama where the protagonist navigates the challenges of relationships, particularly within the context of a university programming club. The story might explore themes of personal growth, rivalry, and the unexpected twists and turns of romantic pursuits. If you have more specific questions or if there's additional information you'd like to know about this storyline or if you're looking for a specific work that features these characters, feel free to provide more details! . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot