Ruler of the Land

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Released 1995

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Ruler of the Land

Ruler of the Land updated by ManhwaHot. Ruler of the Land synopsis: Bi-Kwang, a striking young warrior, transforms into a bumbling, tongue-tied mess in the presence of beautiful women. During his travels, he crosses paths with an extraordinary swordfighter shrouded in anonymity, on a quest to find a legendary master warrior. In a whimsical twist of fate, Bi-Kwang strikes a deal with the enigmatic swordfighter, offering his assistance in exchange for a meeting with his own mesmerizing sister. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when it's revealed that the swordfighter is, in fact, the sister herself, Hwa-Rin Dahm. Bi-Kwang is immediately captivated, setting the stage for a unique romantic triangle involving just two individuals. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot