So You're Raising a Warrior

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Released 2021

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So You're Raising a Warrior

So You're Raising a Warrior updated by ManhwaHot. So You're Raising a Warrior synopsis: All Ell wants is for a warrior to come along and murder him so he can finally live a comfortable life after death. Just when he appears to be about to get his wish, he accidently murders the warrior who has come to terminate his life. But Ell soon devises an alternative strategy: if there are no warriors to slay him, he can raise one himself! Ell the dragon, Lafi the magician, and Dino the baby warrior make for a rather peculiar family. Yet, Ell quickly comes to the realization that instructing a youngling in combat maneuvers is far more challenging than he had ever imagined! . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot