Taming Master

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Updated 1 year ago

Released 2020

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Taming Master

Taming Master updated by ManhwaHot. Taming Master synopsis: In the virtual realm of 'Kailan,' the most renowned VR game globally, we find Ian, a certified gaming addict. Despite his Level 93 Archer character perched atop the Kaillan leaderboards, Ian makes a daring decision that baffles those around him: he deletes his high-ranking character to embrace a rare, chance-acquired hidden class. The class he selects is none other than the most underestimated one in Kaillan, the Summoner class. To avoid flunking college, Ian now faces the daunting challenge of reclaiming his former level within a mere two months. This quest proves to be an uphill battle due to Kailan's brutal leveling system, rumored to take over a year to reach level 100. As Ian's struggle to regain Level 93 unfolds, his journey towards becoming the 'Taming Master' and achieving legendary status begins! . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot