The Boxer

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Released 2019

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The Boxer

The Boxer updated by ManhwaHot. The Boxer synopsis: Enduring relentless bullying throughout his adolescence, 17-year-old Yu becomes emotionally detached and estranged from reality, rendering him incapable of behaving like a typical human. Despite possessing remarkable evasion skills, Yu deliberately allows his tormentors to pummel him, finding no purpose in preserving his own well-being. A turning point arises when Yu encounters an aged boxing trainer known as "K." With a track record of nurturing five champions and an innate ability to sense exceptional fighting prowess, K swiftly recognizes Yu's almost supernatural charisma in combat. Despite Yu's initial disinterest, K is compelled to mentor him. However, a rediscovery of a cherished memory prompts Yu to reconsider, and he ultimately embraces K's offer in the hope of reliving that long-lost brightness. Thus, Yu steps into a realm teeming with formidable adversaries, both righteous and malevolent, forcing him to confront his assailants for the first time and engage in a battle for his own survival. (Source: . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot