The Celestial Returned from Hell

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Released 2021

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The Celestial Returned from Hell

The Celestial Returned from Hell updated by ManhwaHot. The Celestial Returned from Hell Synopsis: The land the constellations were headed toward was Earth. Purser To thwart the constellations' attempts to take over Earth, Choi Yeonseung made the decision to begin specialized training. The Abyss served as his training ground; it was a place where time moved impossibly slowly. But Choi Yeonseung found himself unexpectedly engulfed in a magical storm and forced to confront the brutal Abyss head-on. Choi Yeonseung found a hint to become the first person to become a constellation after undergoing unheard-of and endless practical training across the Abyss. Choi Yeonseung, the diligent hunter, safely returned as a constellation. Will he be able to prevent the Earth from becoming a meal for the constellations? . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot