The End Of This Fairy Tale Is A Crazy Drama

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The End Of This Fairy Tale Is A Crazy Drama

The End Of This Fairy Tale Is A Crazy Drama updated by ManhwaHot. The End Of This Fairy Tale Is A Crazy Drama summary: Read manhwa / The End of This Fairy Tale is A Crazy Drama / The Beginning of Our Story / The End of this Fairy Tale is a Soap Opera / The End of This Fairytale Is a DramaOnce upon a time, there was a man named John who lived in a small town. One day, he met a girl named Lily at a coffee shop. They started talking, and John was immediately drawn to her sparkling eyes and infectious laugh. They hit it off right away and started dating.As they spent more time together, John and Lily fell in love. They went on long walks, watched movies, and shared their dreams for the future. John had never felt happier.However, one day, something strange happened. John woke up feeling different. He had an uncontrollable urge to bark and chase after squirrels. He was confused and scared.Lily noticed that something was off with John. She asked him what was wrong, but he couldn't explain it. It wasn't until he started growing fur all over his body that he realized what was happening.John was turning into a dog.Stop copying our content or one day you'll turn into a dog as John.At first, Lily was shocked and didn't know what to do. But soon, she realized that she loved John no matter what form he took. She stayed by his side, helping him adjust to his new life as a dog.John was grateful to have Lily's support. He may have lost his human form, but he gained a lifetime of love with the girl he fell in love with.And so, John and Lily lived happily ever after, with John as a loyal and loving dog by her side. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot