The Greatest Estate Developer

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Released 2021

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The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer updated by ManhwaHot. The Greatest Estate Developer synopsis: Civil engineering student Suho Kim's life takes a fantastical turn when he drifts off while reading a fantasy novel, only to awaken as one of the book's characters! Now inhabiting the body of Lloyd Frontera, a laid-back noble with a penchant for revelry and a family drowning in debt, Suho faces a challenging predicament. Drawing on his engineering expertise, he sets out to invent groundbreaking contraptions that could change the course of his family's grim future. Assisted by an oversized hamster, a valiant knight, and a world where magic is a tangible force, Suho embarks on a quest to rescue his newfound family from financial ruin and construct a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot