The World After the Fall

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Released 2022

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The World After the Fall

The World After the Fall updated by ManhwaHot. The World After the Fall synopsis: In a world where everyone else was transported back in time while he remained unchanged, a man's story unfolds. Suddenly, humans were summoned to become "Walkers," tasked with ascending the tower to save their world. On Floor 77, a pivotal discovery was made: the "Stone of Regression," allowing Walkers to return to the past. One by one, people began using it, leaving the present behind. However, a glimmer of hope persisted in the form of "Carpe Diem," a group of individuals who steadfastly refused to abandon the world. As the final Walker reached Floor 100, uncertainty shrouded his beliefs, and he grappled with the truth of what was real and what was not. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot