Tower of God

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Released 2010

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Tower of God

Tower of God updated by ManhwaHot. Tower of God synopsis: In a world housing an enigmatic tower, known to summon a select few termed "Regulars," the tantalizing promise of fulfilling their deepest desires beckons. Whether one craves wealth, fame, authority, or something beyond imagination, all await those who can conquer its summit. For Twenty-Fifth Bam, life has been confined to a desolate cave, clad in rags, with an unattainable light as his only company. His world takes a radical turn when a girl named Rachel emerges from that very light. As their friendship deepens, Rachel imparts to him knowledge of the world beyond. However, when Rachel decides she must ascend the Tower, Bam's world is shattered. Pledging to follow her regardless of the cost, he sets his sights on the tower, where a remarkable transformation awaits. And thus begins Bam's extraordinary journey—a young boy who was not chosen by the Tower but unraveled its secrets by his own will. They classify his kind as "Irregulars," entities that have, each time they tread upon the Tower, sent tremors through its very foundation. . Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhwaHot